Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Which A Home Improvement Hoedown Needs Some Light

A home improvement hoedown I have had,
New pickets on the back fence, and, inside,
Built-in bookshelves for one room (I'm so glad;
'Tis one dream I've long cherished). Still undried
The shelves themselves drip on sawhorses, so
It being Mother's day times two real soon
(This month's her birthday, too), off we did go,
To Office Max. We found one made her swoon
And also, there, a lamp I've fancied. As
I hate to shop, it pleased me, then, to make
Both purchases (efficiency, it has
The pow'r to move me strangely). We did take
The lamp home to my house, only to find
No bulb within. The store clerks, though, were kind.

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