Monday, May 17, 2010

In Which Another Good'Un Leaves Us

My parents' home bears witness to his skill
In carpentry; my freezer, too, has held
Much bounty from those fishing trips. Dear Bill,
Called Famous in my old blog, I'm compelled
To thank you for so much, and I'm so glad
I had the chance before we lost you. Oh,
I smile right through my tears; the fun we've had
As families can n'er be stolen, though
Your presence 'mongst us has been, far too soon.
Alternative bird festivals, for one,
And endless chats at coffee, through 'til noon...
I missed the house boat on Lake Powell but, son,
That one was for you grown ups anyhow.
I'll miss you so! Wish you were here right now.


  1. Nice sonnet Kate - I am so sad!!!

  2. Me, too, sis. I'm going to miss him a LOT.

  3. Nicely done, darling. -YODPM


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