Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Which I Team Up With @Ghostfinder To Mess With Your Pea Pickers, Pilgrim

The West is where I hang my tattered hat
At present, and, as of this morning, where
My next big writing project takes place. That
Excites me, and it pleases me to share
The news! My good pal Adam Christopher,
A voodoo steampunk master (horror, too)
Is teaming up with me (we did confer
This very morning early); our aim's to do
Up Weird West creeped-out fiction like no one
Has yet attempted. We are just the team
To do it, too, in process having fun
At vast unhealthy levels, it would seem.
So git those spurs on, little buckaroo,
'Cause soon enough something will holler "Boo!"


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