Friday, May 14, 2010

In Which I Wish Atlantis FSM Speed (And Pay No Attention To The Tears)

Few things on earth excite me like a launch
Of big tin cans of people into space.
And often many tissues, for to staunch
My tears are needed; I screw up my face
And cry in pride and awe (and jealousy).
Today's was diff'rent, though; there's only two
More shuttle missions left, then we will be
A-paying fares to Russia. I am blue
E'en as I wonder with dear IsoBan
How can the generation who first tried
Not join me in deploring this odd con,
This bait-and-switch. Manned space travel has died
In my homeland, and with it my pastime:
"Winos For Souyeuz" won't be fun to rhyme.

1 comment:

  1. A sonnet I enjoy reading out loud (for the beat, for the sound), AND one from which I gain something interesting, unusual, and one I'd probably tell a friend of mine 'hey, did you know about...' ;)

    Space travel and sonnet. Whew.

    Thank you. Cheers.


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