Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Which I Decline (Respectfully) To Let The Lost Finale Dictate My Evening Plans

I busted hump to catch up on the show,
Watched Seasons Five and Six in just two weeks.
I guess that makes a fan of me, although
That I got so behind, perhaps, well, speaks
To finding LOST good fun but not a must
(Though this year it has pulped it up quite well:
Old temples, deathless Romans, a robust
Trade in new characters, a rising swell
Of screechy violins, and, can't forget,
Schroedinger's dudes and time travl'ers galore!).
Unlike you all, whose ev'ning plans were set
When the finale date was, I'll ignore
Its being on tonight; I'm tempted by
Much rarer fare than TV can supply.

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