Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Which I Geek Out All Over Free Comic Book Day

The first one's free, the pusher says in all
The greatest urban legends, and it's so --
At least in terms of what I meekly call
My drug of choice, which I am sure you know
Is comic books. And yes, you can get high
On these, just ask one Lars Paul Linden, who
Once wrote a novel on this subject. I
Still seek a real-life bookdopebook, all through
The racks at Heroes Only, or wheree'er
My wand'rings take me. And this Saturday
I take another chance. I'll soon be there,
Though I have missed the party, as one may
Who is a poor shift worker. Nonetheless,
Free Comic Book Day's come again, I guess!


  1. Great sonnet and that sounds like a pretty cool novel! They say it's out of print.

  2. I *should* still have a copy somewhere. But you really need the accompanying soundtrack album by Lars' band Penis Fly Trap. I'm sure we can find that online somewhere though.


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