Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Which I Call Myself Out For Committing Grave Errors

I'm old enough to know much better than
To hurry on the days, and weeks, and years.
Though I expect to have a good lifespan,
Surprises do occur, and my career's
Not really what I'd call just starting, so
I chide myself a bit, to find I long
For these two weeks to hurry by; I go
Quite soon to Balticon. But it is wrong
To treat that time as worthless. I have made
Commitments e'en beyond the greatest one:
To make each moment count rather than fade
In idleness. E'en worse, I also shun
This summer, for I've plans laid for the fall
That thrill me more; mayhap the most of all.


  1. I want time to pass slower right now. So much slower... always fighting to stand on a moving target...

  2. You'll get through it soon, and you'll feel so much better when the damned thing is done, I promise! Meanwhile, it's always both good AND bad to have something to anticipate. At least I HOPE you're anticipating...


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