Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Which I Am Rude At A Balticon Panel

Ms. Riznphnx glammed up to the nines
Sits at the table next to Sheila Dee
A-talkin' 'bout our life on teh onlinez
(The kind of phrase I gladly steal with glee
From our TeeMonster, moderator: LOL),
While I sit in the audience with Dave
Sobkowiak, Michbek -- oh there's a whole
Great host of us, like Evo Terra (rave!)
And Bekemeyer, too. It frakking rules!
But I already know just why they tweet:
It's all for love. Now I sit on a fool's
Mad errand: I've a sonnet to complete.
So while my darling tweeps pontificate,
I type into the iPod, 'cause it's late!

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