Sunday, May 16, 2010

META SONNET: In Which I Narrowly Miss Repeating Myself

I'm off the rails, confronting what I've feared,
A near-miss repetition! Already
Have I, right in this blog, quite roundly cheered
A comic that I like. Perilously
I nearly wrote again about Chew; just
As I began to type I thought to check --
A step I hate to take, but take I must;
I'm fallible -- I'm grateful that this tech
I here employ allows so quick a search!
'Tis a good comic, but the world's still vast;
Too much so to repeat. Left in the lurch
A meta sonnet bails me out at last.
It's Frunday, and shift work has drained me dry.
Sometimes placeholder verse is all I'll try.


  1. Maybe it would have been interesting to write two sonnets about Chew separated by time and then compare them? Repetition isn't always bad.

  2. That has occurred to me, and I think I shall go ahead and do so when the next volume is complete in a few months. Or the next -- whenever this most intriguing story arc concludes!


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