Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Which A Simple Chore Makes Me Question My Sanity Every Time

An open suitcase sits upon my bed,
All items from my list are in there, and
Some extra things, besides. But in my head
My packing's incomplete. You understand,
You list-makers, who start long weeks before
A trip, and check the damned thing ev'ry day,
Who scribble things out, then add a few more,
Quite certain aught's forgotten. There's no way
A perfect packing job has been achieved,
Not ever in my lifetime, this I know!
I start too soon and second guess me, grieved
To think of being without something. I'll go
O'er these two lists once more before I sleep,
But dream of errors; wake up early. Meep!


  1. Your packing system is still WAYYY better than mine. I wait half an hour past the last possible moment and then throw stuff in a garbage bag — I usually forget anywhere from 1-3 important things but spend my time apologising rather than worrying. XD

  2. Oh, but see, I still wind up forgetting things, too, as you shall soon discover XD

  3. I always forget something no matter how often I check. Over the years I've learned to accept it.


  4. Thankzx Lisbeth West for posting this on Facebook this is CharlaXNammeDropper LZOXL <3


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