Sunday, May 2, 2010

In Which I Have Lots Of Fun With The Sixth Gun

The West was always weird, but now we've got
A stranger tale than I have ever seen
Outside a Deadlands game. Right on the spot
I knew I'd found a winner. Here's the scene:
The Pinkertons are after The Sixth Gun,
The pow'rs of which are as yet quite unknown,
But which I know, since this is Cullen Bunn
And Brian Hurtt, that, when at last it's shown,
My socks will be shot off. The story's told
In finest campfire style, and crisply drawn.
I will not soon forget the ugly, old
And ghastly hang├ęd men who speak upon
Such matters as would turn one's hair quite white,
E'en ere the real bad guys rear up in sight.

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