Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Flash: Make It Stop!

Sonneteer's note: this is the thirteenth installment of my sonnet-by-sonnet summary of a larger work, The Interstellar Feller, to be released sometime next year. To see the story so far, check out Part the Oneth here, Part the Twoth here, Part the Threeth here, part the Fourth here, Part the Fiveth here, Part the Sexieth here, Part the Seventhuth here, Part the Octthhhh here , Part the Ninth here, Part the Tenth here , Part the Eleventh here and Part the Dodecothhh here. And yes, this will be a podcast sometime in the new year.

"Yectara, we know what you have aboard"
A thousand creepy voices buzz and hiss
Directly down Pepito's spinal cord
Or so it feels like. Something's quite amiss.
Around the room his fellows all convulse
And his bright lady fair looks like she'll retch
Or whatever a cyborg who's repulsed
By what she feels might do should something catch
Her off her guard like this. "How dare you bring
Such foulness from this system?" says the swarm
Of voices? Signals? Vibrations that sting
E'en as they move along the nerves? What form
Would such who speak this way nat'rually take?
Pepito blocks such thoughts as his knees quake.

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