Monday, November 16, 2009

Atheist's Grief

I'm sorry, I'm a skeptic, don't believe
My friend is "out there" somewhere. He's just gone.
Not waiting in a next life to receive
Me or his other friends when we've "moved on."
An afterimage burned within my heart
Still glows and will do so for long years yet
As ever happens when one does depart,
Those left behind must strive to not forget
The lost one. If they do, there's nothing left
But ashes blown before the wind. That's all.
I wish I could think otherwise, bereft
As I am now. 'Twould be nice, but I call
Myself out for pretending. Mac's just dead
And all that's left's his voice inside my head.


  1. this was really wonderful work and a beautiful memorial.

    hugs kiddo...

  2. It is what it is. That part sucks only if you want it to. What's left is what he did. What he said, your memories. I'm okay with holding a legacy for a person, until I'm dust and bones too. Good poem.

  3. Thanks, Al, my sweet, and back atcha.


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