Friday, November 20, 2009

In Which I Have Mixed Feelings Over Vat-Veganism

Last night I made elk chili for our meal,
Tonight homemade tomato sauce I plan,
Homemade tomato paste, too. Yes, I feel
Quite proud to make my own. I do think Man
Does best when he's an omnivore but I
Don't do the supermarket meat thing, no.
The chemicals and cruelty just don't fly
With me. Per William Gibson today, though,
I ponder now a future in which meat
Comes not from animals, milk not from cows,
Eggs not from birds; all vat-grown. Could be sweet,
Or could be even more disgusting. How's
It strike you? We already eat such stuff
As great-grandma would not call food, sure 'nuff.

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