Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Which I Mash Up Astronomy And Nirvana, Because I Can

I'm happy 'cause today I found my sun
Has much less lithium than it quite should
But it's not in my head, the reason, one
That is not in my head; my will is good:
I'll tell you why. Yeah. Planets make it slow,
The star's rotation, and the mineral,
So heavy, deep within the star must go,
Drawn there by mighty force to fuse. Farewell
To it then; it is something else. Thus those
With less of the third element, are more
Than likely candidates for planets. Prose
Ill serves such wonders. Mirrors? I've broken four!
But I must tell you I'm not going to crack.
I love this news; I'm never looking back!

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