Monday, November 16, 2009

In Which A Month Passes

Today's the first when I have thought, in truth
Of skipping on the sonnet-writing. Why?
Well, Twitter's like a smile with no front tooth
Since one of us was lost. I look and cry
Whene'er something reminds me that he's gone.
Today it was the shuttle launch. I gawk
At ev'ry one and know the day will dawn
When up will go the last of them. Such talk
Was part of what I shared with Mac - we feared
The space program had peaked and would decline
Through politics and budget cuts. I cheered
To see Atlantis launch, was feeling fine,
But then, I don't know why, it hit me square:
A month has passed since he left us. Not fair.


  1. Thank you, Jeniene, very much. Like I said, today's the first day in 2009 when I really just didn't feel like following through on my resolution to do this every day.

  2. Interesting, since I think this may be the most gracefully elegant one I have read so far... don't quit!

  3. That we feel pain at one's passing, and that we are reminded of our loss when something once shared is ours alone, is a cause for celebration.

    Celebration of having had someone special in our life, if only for a moment.

    Celebration of having been able to share something important to us with someone we loved.

    Celebration of the fact that at some point in our life we allowed someone inside of our defenses and let them touch us when so often we are afraid to do so.

    And perhaps most of all, celebration of being willing to share those experiences with others, rather than closing down and curling up in a very tight ball to protect ourselves from being hurt further. Thank you for your bravery Kate, and for your sharing your pain in an honest and genuine way.


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