Sunday, November 22, 2009

SONNET DARE: In Which I Consider The Volatility Of Online Relationships

The written word is marvelous, unless
It is the only basis folks have got.
For understanding. It's too hard to guess
Intent behind bare words when they have not
A face to watch, a voice to listen to.
Relationships online have this pitfall
Built in before one thought, even, comes through
For misinterpretation. I won't call
This flaw a fatal one but it's severe.
Imagination fills in gaps that would
Best be left empty, and the common fear
That one is being dissed -- which never should
Come into play, still does -- and what we find
May shatter 'stead of bring us peace of mind.


  1. I'm so relieved. I thought I was the only one who did crap like that. Many a time have I fretted over some oblique or insignificant word or phrase I thought was directed in derogation toward me. Great job putting that into words, Kate. Nice to know I'm not alone.

  2. Oh, Travis, you are SO not alone on this! This is something I think we all need keep in mind way more than we do. And if something seems like a slight but we're not sure, be brave enough to just ask.

    Of course that requires the other party to be honest enough to answer, or at least to be willing to concede that feathers might have been ruffled -- which is a whole 'nother set of issues, I suppose.

    It gets to be quite a mess, doesn't it?

    But obviously for me the benefits still outweigh the risks, even when occasionally crappiness does flare up.


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