Monday, November 2, 2009

In Which More Good Medicine Comes My Way

As doors open and close, we spin around
And sometimes we lose track of who has come
Through with us. Mostly those we've lost are found
But sometimes gone for good, and we're left dumb,
Confused and sad and lonely, crying out
For someone who's no longer there. That's pain,
But those same doors whose closure gave us doubt
Can also bring just what we need: we gain
In losing. Old friends still along with us
Step up and help, and strangers become new
And wondrous sources for what we lack. Thus
Has gone my week-and -change since something drew
Mac Tonnies from our lives. There all along
Were people waiting to help me be strong.


  1. your "sonnet knowledge" knowledge is supreme Ms. Kate of Mind!! Love reading them whenever I get the chance...quite impressive


  2. your sonnet knowledge is supreme ms kate of mind!! I enjoy reading whenever I have the time...quite impressive, always


  3. Why thank you, Mic! Glad you're reading.


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