Friday, November 13, 2009

In Which We Are Greatly Pleased

Comes now the news: the LCROSS probe has found
Some water where we'd long hoped it would be.
In Crater Cabeus on Luna, 'round
The Moon's south pole. This means a lot to me
For reasons that soon all will understand
(Though it means some slight rewrites must be done!)!
To have a source of water near at hand
Bodes well for future colonization
And making of the Moon a right foothold
For future space development. This here
Is just the kind of news that cheers my old
And sci-fi loving heart. I hold too dear
The hope that someday mankind will explore
And learn about the universe next door.


  1. I'm very skeptical about manned space exploration, BUT this is INCREDIBLE! I might be modifying my attitude.


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