Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Which The Real SpaceCat Is Greeted On His Birthday

The Real SpaceCat, my great Wyoming chum,
Who also goes by name of Walter Hawn,
Has made another journey 'round the sun,
But need not wonder where the time has gone.
This cat's been living life like we all should.
A broadcasting career in which all pride
Is justified, and now he takes some good
And lovely photographs and, in his stride
Writes lovely haiku for us all to read.
I've yet to meet him, but the day I do
You all will know; it will be quite a screed
I write to celebrate. I hope it's soon!
I won't say, quite, that Walter's getting old,
But rather that he's wonders to unfold.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Kate.

    This is certainly the only sonnet, and perhaps only poem, about or for me. I am amazed at my own response. Shivery and warm and delighted.

    In anticipation of meeting, I remain,

    Your servant,
    Walt -- The Real SpaceCat.


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