Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Which Our Craftiness Is Tested, Or Brrr It's Bleeping Cold Out There

My house is warm with fam'ly, but outside
The wind roars bitterly, and it's damned cold.
When it's just me I let this matter slide,
Throw on another sweater, but, cajoled
By those I love I cranked my thermostat
Beyond the 60s. Then, 'cause there are drafts,
We nailed up a big blankie to combat
The frigid air from my back door. Such craft
As exercised here might seem to exceed
Our daily quota, but we're smarter yet!
When planning for the grocery run, indeed,
We planned for turkey soup and whatnot. Bet
We still have to go shopping Friday? No,
We roar, you cannot make us go!

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