Monday, November 22, 2010

In Which The Annoying Side Of Winter Comes Early

O wind, I've had enough of you. The snow
That fell so lightly last week blew away.
The trash you blew into my small yard, though,
Won't budge now. All of it is here to stay
Until I trudge outside and pry it loose
From plant stalks, branches, fenceposts - these all clutch
At what they've caught, tenaciously. Profuse
Enough, the snow we'll have -- too much,
Some folk will say -- but it at least can hide
The plastic bags and flyers, wrappers, junk
That flies around, breeze-tossed, both far and wide
Until it comes to me. Here comes a hunk
Of Taco Bell refuse right now. Come back,
Dear snow, and cover up the verve I lack.

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