Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Which @JennyBeanses Makes Me Feel Funny

Sonneteer's note: I found this half-completed in my browser window and am still trying to puzzle out this situation with @Jennybeanses via Twitter. I still think there's something she's not telling me.

My cousin Jenny swears we're not from here,
And likes to give me cocoa that tastes strange
And watch me drink it all -- and it is clear
She will not let me be until it's drained.
I'll humor her, because I want to know
More of this story that she's spinning, as
Would anyone! Ooh, aliens on the go
And exiled, fam'ly feuds -- this yarn, it has
'Most ev'rything I like! Um, Jenny, I
Feel funny now, and dizzy, and my toes
Are itchy. With a kick, my slippers fly
And I see that I've extra digits. Those
Are webbed as well. And why are my feet blue?
Dear Jenny, you have got 'splanin' to do!

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