Saturday, November 20, 2010

Score 44 For The Border War

It almost didn't happen, but we got
As football rivalries go this is not
So famous as some others, but we shout
As though it were -- in truth, though, we've both sucked --
But someone had to win and yay, it's us!
As might be said, those Cowboys really bucked
The sheep this year, and that is worth a fuss
As you Wyoming fans all prove it's true
That if we only beat one team it's best
If it is Brigham Young or CSU.
Tonight in Laramie, the wild wild west
Will live again. My sister must regret
She chose the Boise State game, I just bet...


  1. I wish I would have at least made the effort to go to a sports bar and watch this weekend!!!

  2. What? You didn't? You shame me, Krissy.


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