Monday, November 29, 2010

Sonnet Dare: In Which Is Considered The First Appearance Of The Master

You think the Master is a scary foe
As Jacobi and Simms have played him? Ha!
As first he did appear, when Delgado
Brought him to life, his powers had no flaw.
A glance and you were hypnotized and quick
To try to blow the Doctor up, despite
Your loyalties. This was no parlor trick.
He was that awesome; t'was pointless to fight,
And if you did, he gave you creepy toys
That made you dumb somehow, so you would bring
Them in the house, e'en though such obvious ploys
Should never work: An ugly, funny thing
That's on the mantle for a while, then, ouch!
It sinks its fangs into you on the couch!

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