Friday, November 19, 2010

In Which A Secret Is Divulged

Root vegetables, they keep a Dark Side strong
And healthy, which is why we redesigned
The Death Star, but we sort of did it wrong:
It's planet killers currently have mined
For turnips solely -- and, as we all know
It's rutabegas that Stormtroopers crave,
That make them smile, that make their helmets glow,
But as Mike pointed out, we still can save
Our efforts to a small degree. Retune
Those mighty cannons, calibrate those guns!
It's ne'er too late to try, this lovely June
No wait, is it November? Call my sons --
And tell them to come back. Ackbar was right!
It is a trap. Turnips again tonight!


  1. Very nice.

    You have earned a very bad limerick:

    There once lived a Sith lord named Vader
    Whose death star got blowed up by a teenager
    To the troopers he said
    While shaking his head
    Don't you jerks dare tell the emperor


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