Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Which My Aotearoa Vacation Lives Up To Expectations

New Zealand, were it full of dinosaurs,
Unspoilt, exotic - some of that is true,
And while this year has thrown a lot of bores
At judges, I played this game right on through.
Aotearoa, chock full of charm
And creatures one must placate and befriend,
And clear allies and enemies. My warm
And most sincere regard to Wigdahl! When
He made this game he clearly took all pains:
There's atmosphere, a story, goals, and -- yes! --
A lack of bugs. It starts slow, but it gains
In intrigue once the boat is left. I'd guess
That this will be the winner. If it's not
I wonder what there's left that's near as hot!


  1. I kind of preferred the Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure, actually. Though this one was pretty good especially in the middle with the oviraptors and stuff.

  2. The People's Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure *is* a glorious game and lots of fun. I rate Aotearoa over it just a smidgeon just because People's... had such simplistic, occasionally preposterous, solutions to its puzzles -- winning the hearts of the people by simply replacing the flag etc. (though other things that are done with the flag are pretty awesome). Aotearoa had verisimilitude throughout, which is rather a fine achievement for a game about an island where dinosaurs survive 8)

    Funny how the three best games have been ones we've played together (I rate The Warbler's Nest highly as well), neh?


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