Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Which A Customer Is Lost

Turns out I could have spent the day else-how.
Instead I got up, emptied out this fridge
That lows and mutters like a dying cow,
And waited for the new one. Now a bridge
'Twixt me and an old corporation's burnt:
'Twas dented in the box, that thing I bought,
And it's deliv'ry cancelled -- which I learnt
Long after, after waiting, as I ought
Per my last message from them. When I called
Long past the window, as meat thawed and leaked
And other things got messy, first they stalled,
Then finally admitted that my pique
Was justified. Now, back to the first square
I must prepare to seek a fridge elsewhere.


  1. Sears in now owned by the same individual who bought K-Mart, Pro-build and now Ace hardware. He's buying up little lumberyards and appliance stores all over the US. My brother-in-law worked for a Pro-build lumberyard in AK, moved to Flagstaff, AZ and worked for Sears & then moved to Phoenix and works as a salesman of high end appliances to contractors (and each job was for the same parent company). It's insane.

  2. Companies save money by outsourcing their customer service overseas or wherever the hell my phone calls inquiring about my fridge went today, but they lose goodwill, too. I have made a point to support mom and pops and little guys in the past and consider today my lesson about taking the path most trodden. Corporate America doesn't give a damn whether I'm satisfied or not, as long as they get a little of my money; I'd rather give a little more of it to someone who actually wants/needs my business.


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