Friday, November 26, 2010

In Which Is Inaugurated Tomato-Rama 2010

My parents went to Sam's Club this "black" day
And all I got were just ten lousy pounds
Of fine tomatoes. With these, they did say
"We like your sauce and paste," I think, so -- 'zounds! --
E'en as I munch on turkey re-heatings,
I blanch and peel two dozen romas, then
Will spend the rest of this fine evening,
A-cooking them on down. Such time has been
Ideal for catching up on podcasts, so
Here I begin, but, spoiled for choice, which shall
I start with? Quirks and Quarks? A novel? Oh,
There's Planet Money, too. How my morale
Doth rise as I so contemplate a night
Spent in the kitchen, growing e'er more bright!

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