Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gris et Jaune: In Which Grey And Yellow, Kill A Fellow -- Or Do They?

A walkthrough --or a shamble-through -- should not
Be vital to enjoyment of a game.
That is the case, alas, though, if you're caught
By all the flavor in this one, by name
Of Gris et Jaune. A zombie's point of view
Is decently explored until one leaves
The house in which the game starts. Once that's through,
The player's free and aimless. This achieves,
Perhaps, more mystery and atmosphere,
But secret goals are just annoying. While
It can be cool when who to trust ain't clear,
It isn't this time. I do like the style
And setting, but I yawned, having to guess
If what I'm doing might lead to success.


  1. It's gotten some good reviews but I found it a bit too linear before I left the house, which made sense for the situation but didn't really make it any more fun. And then as you intimate... after leaving the house the driving point of the story kind of evapourated with not much to replace it.

  2. It's a stand-out conceptually, for sure, and if some of the bugs we found were cleared up and a bit more care was taken to making sure the player knows her goals, it would be quite a good game.

    What I've seen universally are remarks that people had to resort to the walkthrough or hints, only to find the necessary steps were ones that never would have organically occurred to that player. I definitely found this to be true. Grr.


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