Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Which @BrettGlass Helps Me Find Another Way To Enjoy Cheyenne

Reunions over kimchee -- well that's new!
And though he lives just over these here hills,
I had lost track of an old friend, one who
I oughtn't to have done. To brave the chills
Of our first winter storm (a mild one) and
Dine with my old pal, Brett, in a place I
Had not known e'en existed in Cheyenne
Is quite a way to close my weekend (Why
I didn't know there was Korean here
Is to my shame, and it's fantastic food!)!
Korean House, on Snyder, you I cheer,
And in my future social plans include.
Bulgogi and geekgasms -- that's the way
To close out this, a dandy fine Thunday.


  1. And so it is that I must make note
    That next time I find myself
    A'visiting my dear friend Kate
    In beautiful Wyoming
    To take her out for a dinner
    Of fine Korean cuisine
    For such a friend
    Deserves the very best


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