Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Which Decembers Comics Doldrums Set In But Are Somewhat Relieved

December brings us many things, as such,
But as I page through this month's Preview Guide,
As far as comics go, I don't see much.
The offerings are quite on the thin side
For titles new and int'resting, unknown
And debut works. Oh sure, there's lots of capes,
With one bright spot among them: my mind's blown
(E'en as my comics pushers' mouth just gapes)
To see it there, that my pal Cullen Bunn
Is writing Superman/Batman. I knew
Already, but it's really fun
To see it on the Preview page. Woo hoo!
There's no one thought he'd ever see the day
That I'd buy superhero books, but hey.

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