Friday, December 17, 2010

In Which I Start Another Blog

Sometimes I simply cannot say enough
Within a sonnet, though the challenge to
Pare down and keep it pithy, short and buff
Is good for me, it will not always do.
Thus my return to prose opinions should
Be no surprise. I've started with a rant
About an adaptation. Is it good?
It feels that way, though I really can't
Claim it's a masterpiece of reasoned thought
It's honest and it's what I think. No one
Should feel compelled to read it (though you ought
If my opinion's what you seek). I'm done
With settling for a shoehorn job when I
Can ramble on like mad, yell at the sky!


  1. So where does one find this other blog? YODPM

  2. I think there are thoughts which are sonnet-shaped, and most thoughts aren't. Trying to jam one of the latter kind into a sonnet is foolhardy (and heaven knows I've often tried).

    Best of luck with the new blog!

  3. Mom - one clicks on the link "rant" in the sonnet.

    Thomas -- Thanks! I think you're quite right.


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