Friday, December 10, 2010

R.I.P. That Big Ol' Tree

Long have we thought it dead, e'er since I bought
The KATE STATION, this tall, unlovely tree
That blocks my bedroom windows (as it ought
If it has been placed for one's privacy),
Though it still sported sickly leaves, a bit.
This afternoon sometime, it snapped right off,
Left five feet standing and twelve gone to shit
Sprawled out across the front lawn, and the trough
That was my day already, deepened. Mom
Reminds me that it could have been much worse:
It fell away from this, my house. I'm calm
E'en as I wonder who runs the tree-hearse
Here in these parts, and also wonder, too,
What made this happen. Wind? It scarcely blew!


  1. I had a huge tree fall over in my yard about a month ago for no apparent reason, it too fell away from the building it was standing next to, again for no apparent reason. It was all very mysterious. What was less mysterious was the bill from the tree service.

  2. Yikes! Was it bad? Why am I a homeowner? Meep.

  3. It was one of those random things that happens without explanation and then at the end of the day you are holding a bill because of it.


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