Sunday, December 5, 2010

SuperGod: Now That's How To End The World, Baby

With London Town destroyed within a page
Of starting the whole story, SuperGod
Is special. Gastonny gets to rampage
On many cities in this comic, broad
And quite ambitious in its concept: we,
Who once got anxious, made a Golden Calf
To worship when no real divinity
Did show itself, made our own gods -- a half-
Assed plan if e'er there was, and soon there are
A British fungus god, a Krishna and
Much stranger beings. "Save the world," we roar
But do not specify from whom. The land
Soon pulses with such horrors only one
(That's Warren Ellis) could make up. What fun!


  1. I just read Supergod recently myself — this is an awesome comic, one of the best I've read… Ellis wields almost an blanket flashback-narrator but gives him just the right voice not to get on our nerves. Loving it!

  2. Ellis can do very little wrong in my book, but this is some of his most right. With Garrie Gastonny he's found one of his best artist partners yet. I just re-read the whole series last night while I was writing this sonnet and like I tweeted -- so wonderfully over the top they had to build a new top to go over. But not a moment seemed gratuitious.

    You know I tend to roll my eyes at superhero stories -- this one feels more like what would actually happen if a handful of people developed that kind of power. AWESOMELY HORRIBLE DESTRUCTION OF EVERYTHING.

    And yeah, I found myself so not-annoyed by the narrator that I pretty much liked him. Heh. I think being asked to read from the perspective of the named-but-never-seen Tommy totally worked.


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