Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Which Marco And The Red Granny Coulda Stood A Bit More Red

A blood-sport winnin' granny, why have there
Been few of these in literature? Thank
The genre gods: Mur Lafferty had care
Enough to fill this lack. Behold the swank
And cunning Heather, Red Granny, so sweet
At first, but a stone killer on the field
Of lunar battles! I'd have liked to see
More of her and her back story, but yield
To Mur, who may have more planned for this dame
(Let's hope so!). As it was, this book was fun,
Had had me sold since Balticon!). I'm done
With it now, but it left me wanting more.
A prequel, please? Red Granny Goes To War?

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