Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Which PTSD Is Irrational And SUCKS

Four months ago, I did my best, and all
Turned out as well as anyone could hope.
When needed, I stood up and took the call,
Did what was needed, managed, then, to cope
As is my wont. I only fall apart
When crisis moments are well in the past --
A handy trait, but how it breaks my heart
When things are calm and I feel it at last.
Today the one I helped is back and I
Spoke to him for the first time, businesslike
And distant, as required, but, though I try,
To stop it, the adrenaline does spike,
I choke on tears and four months disappear.
It's like it's happening right now and here.


  1. Far as I can see, you got a poem out of it, which was maybe the ultimate purpose to the whole situation. I came across a cool physics term used by @swadeshine: 'delayed choice quantum eraser.' IMO it fits situations like this better than any physics thing.

  2. Agreed - the good thing about being a writer is that no experience, however bad, need be a waste.

    That *is* a cool term. Swadeshine is a source of many good things.


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