Friday, January 8, 2010

In Which Is Celebrated The Birthday Of A Legend

Know ye not it is Zzyzx's birthday now?
He goes, it's true, by other, common names,
Like David Steinberg, though I don't see how
That tells you more! Oh, how I miss our games,
The saying of the "Qwok," the strange road trips
To go watch Phish or other bands at play.
When'er the Muppet Show comes on, how skips
My heart - 'tis how we met on one fine day!
We had the greatest indoor soccer team,
And Plumb Awful the best band e'er at Bard.
When Spandex gave him knowledge in a dream
Of how mankind might be saved, though 'twas hard,
Did Zzyzx falter? No; the gospel spread!
The goldfish angel never shall be dead!

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