Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Which I Randomly Summarize My Day

A Babelfish for Boomhauers is my wish,
While CapnMarrrrk craves bacon swizzle sticks
For his hot chocolate. My girlfriends dish
About some guy I've never met. So ticks
A boring Satuesday doing shift work.
The Bonfire can't stop with the choc'late nosh,
While Sarah tries so mightily to shirk
The lure of her new iPhone (with panache,
Though I still bet she checks here). All the while
Dear Oliver plots death for those who pace,
And Christian works so hard to make me smile
Translating from the Deutsch. Oh, ow, my face
I laugh despite a melancholy start
To this, my day. I thank y'all from my heart.

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