Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Which MsInformation Rocks Another Year

Pull out the stopper; let the glasses clink
(Some gin and dry vermouth, and olives, too)
Champagne and dry martinis are, I think
The best way we can fete we-all-know-who.
MsInfoMugavero, darling, cheers,
On this, your birthday, gorgeous bottle of
Pure vixensauce. So much sass o'er the years
Can be met on this day with naught but love.
Dear Donna, wish I could be there tonight
But I am sure I'll feel the party vibes
From here. The world is a much cooler place
For your strutting across't it. All the tribes:
Podcasters, skeptics, music nerds and we
Who are a bit of each share in your glee.


  1. Oh, that's wonderful. As is the lovely Donna.

  2. Vixensauce, my new favorite word.


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