Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Which Humans Are Sometimes Cool: Together We Are Mighty!

There's limits to how cynical I'll be
(Remem'bring, too, its roots, that word's, in stuff
Dog-like and pure and poor and largely free
Of selfishness). Sure, there's reason enough
To think the worst of projects folks put forth,
But then sometimes such thoughts turn inside-out.
Ms. Ballantine reached out in all her warmth,
A chorus rose, first murmurs, now a shout:
"Together we are mighty!" Sonic Boom
And Tee need love, but tangible support
Will help more than your words as vast costs loom,
And they two face a future one Mom short.
Six thousand bucks and change already fills
That coffer, and I trade my sneers for chills.


  1. The penultimate line is no longer accurate. As of this morning there is more than $10,000 in the fund to cover funeral costs and start up some savings for the wee Serena. Together we are mighty indeed!

  2. Thank you for posting this Kate. Being in the hermitage as I am, I allow myself a few pleasures that are not of the strictly "essential for getting work done" variety, Supportime Sonnets being one of them. Seeing this here allowed me to actually contribute, since I hadn't received an e-mail about this from anyone else.

    Would that I were there in Cheyenne, for I would give you the kind of hug about which Donna spoke, because she is wise and knows of which she speaks.


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