Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sonnet For A Speed-Painting: Gonzo the Ghoul

Speedpainting "Gonzo" by IsoBan

Now, Gonzo's long been quite my fav'rite one
Of Henson's brood, the Muppets, the most strange
And poignant, in a way. But now the sun
Hath set on all his cuteness. That such change
Should come upon this poultry fancier!
He's gone from homesick alien to ghoul!
One wonders what exactly did occur
To turn him. Now I fear him. There's a pool
Of chicken blood at his strange feet, and then
Those eyes, so mild and kind, now show the glare
Of madness, or possession! Where's he been?
I fear now for his good friend, poor Big Bird.
He hungers still, our Gonzo. Pass the word!

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