Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Flash: Interstellar Feller: In Which Pepito Makes Exciting New Friends!

Sonneteer's note: this is the latest installment of an on-going sonnet serial, Pepito Mojito: The Interstellar Feller. New readers can get up to speed by clicking on the "Interstellar Feller" tag below to bring up all installments. Start at the bottom and read your way up to today's.....

Despite the threat of imminent attack,
Yectara's crew goes on about their jobs.
Pepito gestures mutely, his jaw slack,
His breath emerging audibly in sobs.
The red men ford the stream, their eyes ablaze
(And more so than the norm, for they have three!),
And ere our man can stir from out his daze
He finds himself a prisoner, on one knee,
Soon bound up hand and foot. He gives a cry
To his crewmates, who look up from their toil
And nod, and one of them waves his good-bye;
They clearly don't intend to let this spoil
Their outing. And with that, Yectara's toy
Is hustled off for 'nother to enjoy.

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