Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Which I Hoist A Robot Vodkatini For @JCHutchins' Birthday

What can I say that's not already come
Forth on this page, how much I love mah Hutch?
His fiction curls my toes and strikes me dumb,
Whene'er a tktktk sounds off, as such.
Hey everybody, though, it's his birthday!
And we all know nobody does it like
Ms. Sara Lee, I mean, our J.C. May
We always be so lucky as to strike
Such gold as he pours out for us -- for free!
Not just in fiction but in clarion calls
To match his efforts, generosity
And sheer inventiveness. I've climbed the walls
Just trying here to properly express
How glad I am to know him. Hutch: success!

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