Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Which I Suffer To Be Feminine

I feel quite silly talking about this,
Most barbarous thing I did with my day,
But I'm a girl, and I would be remiss
If regularly I did not, some way
Submit myself to standardizing pain.
My eyebrows are a trial to govern. I
Am chicken with the tweezers, but I fain
Will let another get close to my eye
With hot wax, just for pretty's sake. I trust
Just two folk with this task. They both are kind
Though I will not say gentle, for they must
Needs rip those eyebrows all asunder, find
The roots of those hairs, ruthless, pull them out
And promise not to tease me if I shout.

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  1. awesome, btw, you received a nice complement on your poems on Escape . . . come check it out


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