Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Which, In All Seriousness, I Do In Fact Rejoice With Chris Butler At His Creation

At last we reach the day in which SkyNet
First comes to life. Of course it's IsoBan,
Called Valian, who built it. Now we'll get
What's coming to us, once he turns it on.
We can't say we weren't warned; he's shared with us
The IsoCore 9000's ev'ry pang
Towards birthing. Now it's far too late to fuss.
He says it boots up fast; we all can hang
Who trust it not. Just hear his "Muhaha!"
As IsoCore doth reach out for the web.
I hope it won't absorb its master. Ah,
I'm proud with him but how soon pride can ebb,
Warped into fear, misunderstanding, and
A frenzied panic spreading o'er the land...

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