Thursday, January 28, 2010

Challenger: Twenty Four Years Later

'Twas twenty years and four, this very morn
That Angie walked into our band classroom,
A note in hand, a tearful face to warn
Us that the news she brought was of some doom.
"The Challenger blew up" is what it said,
Her note. Our teacher gravely sent us on:
The library had TVs. All were dead.
That cloud - you know it well - said they were gone
E'en more than any anchorman's sad voice.
I still watch ev'ry launch with a tight chest -
Full knowing I could spare myself. My choice,
Though is to watch. This program's been our best
In my lifetime, though it went up in smoke
That day in Florida, when my heart broke.


  1. Wow, 24 years ago??? I remember watching the coverage in Mr. Thrasher's English class!

  2. I have sent an award (and hopefully some traffic) to you

  3. Thank you so much, guys! This event is probably seared into my memory more than any other, and always will be.


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