Friday, April 3, 2009

In Which I Ponder The Fairness Of Horse Trading

I'm not a big sports fan, ev'ryone knows --
But even I know when to cry out foul
(With help from Kris and Kevin). I oppose
This trading of Jay Cutler, join the howl
Of disapproval of this trade (though I've
A tiny snarky smile)! The drama of
Who didn't get along with whom -- I strive
To keep from laughing out loud, for all love --
They sound like spoiled, squabbling kids and one
Just picked up all his toys and went to find
Some other kids to play with. I'm 'bout done.
The Denver Broncos only cross my mind
When they've done something stupid anyway --
So really this is just another day.


  1. I suppose one should like, y'know, ignore the fact that they got rid of an immature, pain-in-the-ass prima donna in exchange for a perfectly competent replacement and three top draft picks.

  2. See? Spoiled children, who only act out to get more attention. Clearly it still works.


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