Monday, April 20, 2009

More Wishes For Recovery!

He talks a lot like my old Macintosh,
And like that gadget, he has blown my mind.
Today he's in the hospital, awash
In well-wishing from, I'm sure, all mankind.
O Stephen Hawking, much you've had to say
Has lit'rally and figur'tively, too
Gone over my wee head (but that's the way
I like my thinkers!). I will tell you true:
I sometimes feel like I'm a small black hole,
Per No-Hair, garbling info I take in.
I won't, therefore, make quoting you my goal
In this, my sonnet, sparing all chagrin.
I'll only share my admiration, and
My awe at your life's work that's beyond grand!

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