Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BONUS SONNET: The Night Of The Pug

The pug that will be Kevin's lives quite far
From Cheyenne town; to see him took a trip
That we were glad to make in Kevin's car,
But Michael took his own 'cause he's too hip
To wait around to watch us old folks coo.
'Twas fine until we made the journey back,
And Michael slid right off the road and through
A fence. Looked like a crash! My heart attack!
Call 911! A deputy arrived,
With wisecracks in his police car, and coached
My boys through their first tire change, contrived
To make it all quite funny. Then he broached
The subject, pouring on the drawling flatt'ry,
Of just how dead was our poor Kevin's batt'ry.

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